Monday, June 28, 2010

Fork it over, Rochester!

My food blogging days began in Rochester, NY during the summer of 2008. I was an active commenter on restaurant pages on RocWiki, a Wikipedia-like site for Rochester, and one day I decided to expand one of my comments into a full review, which I posted on a shiny new blog that I'm pretty sure I called Rachel's Restaurant Reviews. Creative, huh? Well, I don't think I posted more than one or two entries, but an editor for the Rochester Insider - now Metromix Rochester - stumbled on my blog and asked me to be a food blogger for the Insider's website. At that point, I was already planning on going to grad school for science journalism, so I jumped at the chance to get some pseudo-clips. For the next few months, I had a great time blogging about food, but then it was time to move back to Boston for grad school.

I was organizing my Google Docs a few days ago and stumbled on most of my posts from the old blog, which my editor had titled Fork It Over. (Thanks Todd!) As you can see, I continued using that title once I moved back to Boston. The old blog is no longer accessible online, so I decided to import some of the entries to the beginning of this blog, backdated to the original posting dates. Although a few are Rochester-specific, I hope you'll still find them interesting as travel posts.

Here's a complete chronological list of the old posts that have found a new home here at Fork it over, Boston!:

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