Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few quick notes before I start writing about food again...

Before I write about the deliciousness that is Mt. Everest Kitchen, just a few quick notes:

1) Sorry for my extended absence.  Grad school is wonderful, challenging, and soul-eating.  I'm now entering my second semester, so hopefully my time management skills have improved and I'll be able to squeeze in some blogging again.  Also, I'm taking Arts Criticism for one of my electives, so hopefully the skills I learn there will help me improve my food writing.

2) I'm probably going to abandon minibites, travelbites, the forkmeter, and other assorted icons/titles/things I've been doing to try to make the blog cute, at least for now, because they were taking up so much time that I began to dread writing blog posts.  I just want to write about food honestly and enthusiastically without spending time worrying about why the transparency doesn't always work on my fork icons, what is a minibite vs. a full review, did this post follow the same format as the previous ones, etc.  So, expect less organization and cute icons but more fun in the blog posts to come.

3) If you are a Boston-based food blogger, food writer, food critic, or any combination of those, please consider joining the Boston Food Bloggers & Writers social network by clicking on that blue icon on the upper left corner of the blog (or just click here.)

And now I will start writing about food again!  A post about Mt. Everest Kitchen in Allston will be appearing shortly :)

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