Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scenes from a Gathering at Bondir

In late February, on a chilly morning after my band's CD release show, I found myself waking up earlier than I probably would have liked and trudging through snow to meet up with a group of bloggers for lunch at Bondir, hidden just outside the main part of Inman Square. Stepping through the door, I found a fireplace (yes!) and a lot of friendly faces, many of whom I hadn't met before or had only met at one or two previous events. (Most of the attendees actually traveled all the way from the North Shore to attend!) The get-together was organized by Maggie of Eat Boutique; Bondir put together a prix-fixe family-style lunch for us. Maggie's write-up is absolutely lovely, so head over there for the details. This was too long ago for me to really comment on the food in detail, but I do remember that nearly all of the dishes were rather impressive and everyone left happy, full, and relaxed. Some photos:

Intersection of winter and spring
A welcome sight after a snowy walk!
Someone at my side of the table couldn't eat someone had to eat all the extra biscuits... :)
I easily could have eaten this entire portion of risotto in minutes. Alas, with family-style dining comes sharing...
Bondir's menu changes daily and focuses on local, sustainable ingredients. Cozy, friendly, and delicious, it's definitely worth a try.

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