Monday, July 4, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Social: Networking for Artists and Musicians (CBS Boston)

Being a musician isn’t just about playing music. A huge component — oftentimes harder and more time-consuming than the music itself — is the endless self-promotion. Especially if your band is unsigned, you may find yourself playing the roles of booking agent, publicist, and manager simultaneously. Some musicians find this truth to be unpleasant: networking is just as important in the arts as it is in other industries. You have to become your own salesman.

Boston’s vibrant musical community touches on virtually every genre imaginable, and networking is relatively easy within a given genre, but many musicians never interact with others outside of their own small circles. This puts a damper on the infinite strange and wonderful collaborations that could arise from inter-genre networking. Fortunately, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Social, founded in 2003, exists to help bridge these gaps, connecting musicians to each other and to others in the industry that could help launch an unknown band into the spotlight, at least locally.

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