Monday, October 17, 2011

The Museum of Bad Art: Even the World’s Worst Artwork Deserves to Be Seen (CBS Boston)

One generally assumes that museums house collections of art, artifacts, or other objects that have some value, be it intellectual, aesthetic, or perhaps even controversial. The Museum of Bad Art, however, meets none of these standards. In spite of – or more likely because of – this, MOBA is a must-see attraction in Somerville, Dedham, or Brookline (or all three if you have high stamina for bad taste). Exactly as the name suggests, it features art – fantastically horrendous, unabashedly tacky, gloriously ugly art.

First, some things that do not count as bad art: young children’s creations, paintings on black velvet (in particular, velvet Elvises), paint-by-numbers, and latch-hook kits. No, insists MOBA: these are actually “probably better suited for the Museum of Questionable Taste, The International Schlock Collection, or the National Treasury of Dubious Home Decoration.”

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