Friday, April 23, 2010

InedibleBite: Fun Food Friday - Jewelry Edition

Food-themed jewelry never really occurred to me until I was browsing around my friend Casey's awesome Etsy shop and found the Foodie Necklace:
Foodie Necklace from Cosmic Girl on Etsy

Of course, I had to get one. Now I wear it to food events all the time :)  Anyway, for today's Fun Food Friday, I thought I'd share with you some other fun food-related jewelry finds from Etsy.  There are tons of adorable cookie earrings, cupcake necklaces, etc., but for today, aside from the foodie necklace and bacon necklace, I'm going to stick with the vintage/recycled/antique silverware theme.  Enjoy!

This next necklace is just amazing (if you're into eating pigs, which I am.)  The one currently for sale is actually gold, not silver.  Be sure to browse around the rest of the store, too - there are other adorable necklaces with dinosaurs, goldfish, and more.
I Heart Bacon Necklace from Crumpet Cake on Etsy
This bracelet is part of a collection of fork bracelets and spoon rings. Pretty cool stuff!
Country Lane 1954 Handmade Fork Bracelet from Go or Send Jewelry on Etsy
I'm obsessed with this necklace (and all the rest in the store as well!)
Vintage Fork Pendant from Woods Edge Jewelry Studio on Etsy
And on a similar note:
A Fork of Course from DKShattuck Recycled Art on Etsy
Well, I guess this is turning out to just be a bunch of awesome forks.  But this is Fork it over, Boston, so I guess that's appropriate :)  This one has a nice addition of carnelian glass and looks very squid-like:
Silver Vintage Fork Pendant with Carnelian Glass Cabochon from LT Creates Jewelry on Etsy
Happy Friday!  I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of some of my attempts at cooking this week, including fiddlehead ferns, which are in season now (but not for long!)

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