Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cupcake Quest Consequences

With cupcakes come consequences. Flabby, energy-sapping consequences. Ever since I started the Cupcake Quest, I've been feeling less than stellar. The number on the scale hasn't changed much, but there are certainly areas that were toned that now aren't, energy levels that are suspiciously low, and an overbearing feeling of disgust at my diet that can't be fully counteracted by fresh veggies from the Farmers' Market.

I'm leaving Cleveland Circle in a month and a half, so I should take advantage of the beautiful Chestnut Hill Reservoir while I'm still here. I've run it many times over the past two years...but not so much recently. Actually, I haven't done much of anything exercise-related in at least a month or two. Oops.

Here's the plan: a reservoir running challenge for the duration of my Brighton habitation. I'll be posting weekly Reservoir Running Reports, and you get to yell at me if I haven't met my goals. In fact, the first person to comment on a post where I haven't met my weekly goal will win a small prize, such as a gift certificate for a cupcake.

Week 1 Goal
Run 5 times by next Wednesday, at least once around the Reservoir without stopping (about 1.5 miles) each time. In the event of torrential downpours, a seemingly likely occurrence, I'll substitute one hour of Exercise TV workouts in my living room with at least 30 minutes aerobic, such as Jillian Michaels' evil workouts. The other 30 minutes can be pilates and/or yoga.

I won't tell you how long the running takes me because (1) I'm a slow runner and I'm not really looking to increase speed at this point and (2) I'll be breaking my feet back into these crazy "shoes." It can be a painful process, and I haven't worn them in awhile.

My new running "shoes"! on Twitpic

Well, that's the plan! I'll report back next Wednesday, and hopefully I will have met my goals, or one of you is getting a cupcake!


  1. Good luck! I love that you're addressing something very important for us food bloggers - balancing health with our love for food!

  2. Have fun!!! The reservoir is BEAUTIFUL-I don't blame you for wanting to maximize your time by it :-)

  3. Awww, I miss running the reservoir! I used to live on at Washington and Comm and that was always my favorite place to run.

  4. Thanks everyone! Hopefully this'll go well and I won't lose motivation after a run or two. Also, hopefully the weather will clear up!

  5. Impressed with your goal! I definitely do much more cupcake eating than exercising, perhaps you can inspire me to change that!

  6. Haha! I hope I can help! We'll see how long I biggest problem with exercising is that I go all out right away, and then I burn out quickly. Today, for example, I'll probably run much more than my 1.5 mile goal, and then I won't be able to force myself to do it again tomorrow.

  7. Just found your blog - I'm glad I did! Cupcakes and running are two things close to my heart. Good luck with both!

  8. Thanks! I enjoyed your post on the food lovers/dieter's dilemma ( :)


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