Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner, Upcoming Product Review, and More

Ugh, I don't like writing posts like this. In the near future, I think I'd like to take a step back from these product reviews and giveaways, and just get back into writing about food for the love of food. But due to prior obligations, here we go...

Giveaway Winner
The winner of the Wanchai Ferry/Macaroni Grill prize pack (via MyBlogSpark) is...

Molly P.! Congrats Molly! I'll send you an email shortly. Her favorite date night memory: "...homemade chili cheese fries and the Celtics, viewed in hi-def glory in our living room. We made the chili in a crock pot and had that hang out and get tastier as the day went on, and we made the fries in our deep fryer (best exchange of ugly Christmas clothes from Macy's EVER)."

What should I review?
CSN stores - where you can find everything from adjustable bar stools to diaper bags to cat trees - is giving me the chance to review another product of my choosing. (In the past, I reviewed a pasta machine, and I've got an ice cream maker sitting around waiting to be tried as well.) I'm at a loss for what to choose this time...a Dutch oven, maybe? (Joel snickers when I suggest a Dutch oven. I'll let you look that one up on Urban Dictionary yourself if you're unfamiliar with the slang definition.) If you could have any kitchen gadget or appliance, what would you want?

Upcoming Posts
I have a mega backlog of photos and partially written posts. I've been very busy with my alter-ego as a musician, so the food writing has taken a temporary backseat. (There's also the day job in there somewhere.) In the near future, you'll be seeing some cookbook and book reviews, a review of Foundry on Elm, a recap of a panel discussion on sustainable food-related businesses, a recap of a blogger brunch at Boston's only Australian restaurant, KO Catering & Pies, more cupcake questing (does it ever end?), and some other stuff. It's all coming soon, I promise! In the meantime, why not take a look at the giant post before this? It's long, but if you're into local food and/or economics, I think you may enjoy it.

Ok, more interesting stuff coming soon. Probably tomorrow. I promise. 

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