Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hell Night Number 4: I Must Be Insane

There's really no other explanation for it. Why would a sane person sit on the phone for an hour hitting redial, hoping to get a reservation for an event where success is measured in pain, sweat, tears, and day-after uncomfortable GI effects, and then go to that event, bringing along a whole group of friends who also want to experience the madness?

Hell Night at East Coast Grill. This was my fourth experience, and of course I'll be back, because there's just no stopping this addiction. I wrote about my first time in detail here, so this post will mainly be photos.

By the way, just as I'm starting to get comfortable with ghost chili, a hotter pepper claims the title. Enter Naga Viper. Doesn't that sound totally badass? Vipers > Ghosts, definitely.

Before I post a giant string of photos, I just want to say an extra special thanks to Meesh of Just Add Cheese! and Emily of A Cambridge Story, two bloggers whom - before last night - I really only knew from the internet. (Well, I met Meesh briefly at a blogger event recently as well.) I had some last minute cancellations at my table, and Meesh and Emily heard my battle cry on Twitter and joined our table for a night of torture and euphoria.

Yep, euphoria. Really, really spicy food has a strange effect on me, and maybe on you as well. Through the pain, through the sweat, through the simultaneous chills and tastes-like-burning, a curious lightheaded euphoria seeps through, and that's why I keep going back. The closest feeling I can think of is a runner's high...but you don't need to run for this one. You just need to eat. (Hmmm...I think I prefer the chili high.)

Anyway. Spicy food porn time.

Happy Hell-O-Daze!

This time around, the Hell Pasta consent form was grinch-themed.
Joel signed away our lives; we all tried the pasta.
Bloggers Meesh (Just Add Cheese!) and Emily (A Cambridge Story)
Cornbread provides sweet, sweet relief. Better than ordering "the antidote" because they don't mock you for the cornbread!
Southeast Asian Style “Wings of Ass Destruction” with Ghost Chile Jam, Ginger, & Aromatic Herbs - At my second and third Hell Nights, these were almost as unbearable as the Pasta From Hell, but this time around, they weren't tooooo painful. AND they were delicious!
Russian Roulette Style Italian Spicy Meat Ball with Angry Tomato Sauce - Turns out I was one of the roulette winners (losers?) this time around. I swallowed mine in one bite and immediately tasted the gasoline-like Scotch bonnet flavor. For a few seconds, it was mild. Then it built. And built. And kept building.
Chris (far right) also got one of the eight-bombers. (Actually, the person on the left is also Chris.)
Masala Rubbed Grilled Giant Shrimp with Radish - Cucumber Relish & Hot Peach Chutney
Middle Eastern Style Smoked & Slice Lamb Shoulder with Sweet n' Hot Apricot Relish, Mint Cous Cous & Pomegranate Glazed Carrots - Mild and wonderful. A good cool down dish if you're looking for one.
This must have been a late addition to the menu because I'm not seeing it online, but it was tuna and it was tasty.
Smoked Pork Carnitas Stuffed Whole Roasted Banana with Pequin Pico de Gallo & Green Sour Cream
Death in a bowl: Pasta From Hell with Sausage Bolognese & Naga Bhut Jolikia. It burns. But if you go to Hell Night, you should get one for your table. Everyone should try this once. You will hurt when you eat it, you will hurt later, and you will hurt the next day. Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands very well if you touch this, especially before using the bathroom or taking out contact lenses.
West Indies Smoked Pork 3 Way... Jerk Shoulder, Crispy Ribs & Scotch Bonnet Sausage, with Guava Lava Glaze, Real Inner Beauty Hot Sauce, Curried Pickled Pineapple & Stewed Callaloo Greens
Emily's husband Chris prepares to try the pasta.
Meesh contemplates how much this is going to hurt.
Emily has some regrets about that bite of pasta.
Dan is on fire.
The legendary Dr. Pepper

Ah, another Hell Night come and gone. I guess I'll have to make it five and go again next time. Until then, where can I get me some of those Naga Vipers?


  1. I've gone to Hell Night four or five times and I always have a blast. I have a late dinner reservation there tonight...and it should be fun!

  2. I am a spicy food fiend and I have never been to Hell Night! Dying to go.

  3. Oh.My.Goodness.

    I AM SO GOING NEXT TIME! So upset I couldn't go yesterday!!!!


  4. great post. so fun - i felt GREAT afterwards too. today, not so much.

  5. Haha! I love those photos!! Christopher and I both look crazy trying the pasta. Next time, I should push myself to eat more of it... I'm definitely not burning enough today :)


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