Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tour Food

It's a good thing tour was only a week long. I'm kind of sad to be back - it was an amazing experience - but my stomach and arteries probably wouldn't be able to handle much more of the tour diet, a steady stream of rest stop fast food, only rarely interrupted by free or discounted meals at venues (sometimes delicious!) and the very occasional sit-down meal at a restaurant.

This slideshow includes almost every item of food I ate all week. A few duplicates are left out (some granola bars and chicken nuggets), as well as a couple quick snacks I ate when my camera wasn't handy (like that late night Frosty...), but these photos probably cover about 85% of what I consumed. Kind of disgusting. The stand-out meal was at Taste in Indianapolis, IN, and I'll probably write a post devoted to it pretty soon. For now, though, here's what I ate on tour:

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