Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cho Cho's (2 Dine For Boston)

Porter Square’s “Little Japan,” the Porter Exchange, is full of delightful Japanese food stalls, small counters and restaurants serving everything from steaming bowls of ramen to fresh sushi to bubble tea. As it’s part of the Lesley campus, it can get quite busy during peak times, particularly weekends during lunch. The biggest lines are typically at Cafe Mami, which specializes in curry and donburi. It’s one of our favorites, but the long line will often drive us elsewhere.

One recent afternoon, Cafe Mami and our other preferred spot, Ittyo, were both packed, so we ended up at Cho Cho’s, which has one of the largest seating areas. It was also almost entirely empty, as it usually is. We’ve been there before, and it’s certainly not bad, but it never seems to draw the same crowds as most of the other parts of Porter Exchange.

Read my full "she said" review, along with Joel's "he said" review, at 2 Dine For Boston.

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