Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oasis (2 Dine For Boston)

I’m the type of person who gets worked up over logistics that probably seem minimal to other people. If I’m riding a bus in an unfamiliar city, for example: Do I need exact change? Can I pay at the back door or just at the front? Will they announce the stops clearly? Do I need to request my stop? Panic! The first day at a new job is full of little logistical details along these lines. Of particular relevance to me (and my bottomless appetite) is the lunch culture. Do people go out? Can I use this microwave? Is it OK to eat at my desk?

On the first day at a new job a few months ago, I grabbed a drink and a bag of mixed nuts from Starbucks on the way to the office, and then I sat at my desk the entire day, not leaving for lunch, partly because I was absorbing all of the new things I’d be doing, but partly because no one else seemed to be leaving for food. By the time I rode the crowded bus home that evening, my head was spinning from work instructions and hunger. I told Joel I wanted to go out for dinner, but I was starving and didn’t have the energy to figure anything out. When he suggested Brazilian food, I immediately agreed, imagining giant meat skewers. Perfect.

Read my full "she said" review, along with Joel's "he said" review, at 2 Dine For Boston.

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