Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Will You Be Ready for the Evil Space Dolphin Apocalypse?

This isn't remotely food-related, but what good is keeping a blog if I can't share non-food-related exciting life news now and then?  As some of you know, I play in a band, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, that can sort of be described as an indie pop ensemble or something along those lines.  We've got girls dressed as librarians, we've got mustaches (well, just one, but it's spectacular), we've got a somewhat odd assortment of instruments, and we've got advanced knowledge of the coming dolphin apocalypse.

I'm so excited to announce that we've just officially released our first music video, in which you can see cartoon versions of my bandmates and me as we find the perfect hero to save the universe from the evil space dolphins (who, I should note, also have spectacular mustaches).

I'd love it if you took a few minutes to check out the video, which I've embedded below.  If you like it, please don't hesitate to hit the thumbs up button and leave a comment on YouTube, share it with your friends, and make sure to alert the world to the danger of evil space dolphins.

The video was made by the immensely talented Dan St. Germain; you should check out his website and hire him to do awesome stuff for you.

Like the song?  The first half of the video features an instrumental version of "Faith in Free Part I," the real version (with vocals) of which is available on our newly released "Faith in Free" EP, and the second half is a song called "Amylee," off of our debut full-length album that we released last year, "Volume One." "Amylee" is probably my favorite song of our repertoire, so I really hope you enjoy it! You can also find these albums (and another one!) on Spotify and iTunes.

Thanks for taking the time to check out a little bit of my non-food life!

Me as a cartoon:

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