Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MiniBite: Restaurant Week Is Coming!

The countdown begins...

Boston Restaurant Week (Winter 2009) is taking place from March 15-20 and March 22-27. Over two hundred Boston restaurants are offering special three-course prix fixe menus during that time period ($22.09 for lunch, $33.09 for dinner.) Some restaurants are also offering $15.09 two-course lunch options - I think that's a new feature this year.

During last summer's Restaurant Week, I visited 33 Restaurant & Lounge, STIX, Sibling Rivalry, and The Fireplace. I highly recommend going to Sibling Rivalry during Restaurant Week. They offered a huge menu - probably the size of their usual menu - rather than just three or four options for each course. Some restaurants seem to participate because it may be bad publicity not to take part in Restaurant Week, but they grudgingly offer the bare minimum. Sibling Rivalry, on the other hand, goes all out, enthusiastically welcoming diners who probably won't return to pay normal prices other times of the year. There are many delicious choices, the portion sizes are large, and the service is friendly.
Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake
Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake at Sibling Rivalry, Restaurant Week (Summer 2008)

The BostonChefs.com Unofficial Guide to Restaurant Week Boston is a great site to find out what restaurants are participating. You can also view menus for many of them, see what days they are participating (some exclude lunch or Sundays; some extend the menu for another week or more), and make reservations via links to OpenTable.com.

Have you participated in Restaurant Week before? Which restaurants are good choices, and which shouldn't even bother participating? I look forward to hearing your Restaurant Week tips and tricks! Leave a comment :)

Some interesting links:
*Don't Get Shafted New York Restaurant Week Tips - This was written for NYC Restaurant Week, but the tips certainly apply to Boston as well (book early, choose newcomer restaurants that have something to prove, don't choose super-expensive restaurants that won't be serving you their usual food, etc.)
*Yelp.com Discussion Board - Yelp members talk about where to go this year
*How to Enjoy Boston's Restaurant Week - Tips on EHow.com
*Official Restaurant Site - Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau

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