Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TravelBite: Lou's Restaurant

This weekend I spent a cold morning exploring Hanover, NH, the quaint town that is home to Dartmouth College and...well, that's about it. That, and the terrific diner I'm about to write about. Fortunately I got there around 7am, because apparently the line is out the door starting around 8. It wasn't too crowded when I got there, and I was definitely the only non-regular. The other customers were having extended conversations with the waitresses, reminiscing about mutual friends and such, but I was happy to find that the host and server were friendly to me as well.

I started out with hot chocolate because I had been wandering around outside and couldn't really feel my fingers or toes. There was probably more whipped cream than hot chocolate...just as it should be. I perused the menu and was almost tempted by the cruller French toast, but I figured it'd be a little too sweet for my taste, so I ended up going with one of the daily specials, something just as sweet - chocolate pancakes (chocolate batter AND chocolate chunks) with strawberries. I paid an extra buck or two for "real Vermont maple syrup" which came in its own little plastic bottle. Honestly I can't taste much of a difference between "real" maple syrup and the rest of it (fake syrup?) but I felt obligated to go all out.

I made an embarrassingly small dent in my meal, but it really was good. It was just a little too early in the morning for my tastebuds to be bombarded by chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. I had been out late drinking margaritas at Margaritas, so I was a bit on the tired, not hungry side. (Ok, it actually wasn't very late. I think I was home before midnight. I really have no excuse for not devouring the mountain of pancakes, which was, in fact, the small order. I could have asked for three instead of two.)

Anyway, if you find yourself in Hanover, check out Lou's for breakfast. There's also a lunch menu, and I think breakfast is served all day, but breakfast is the best time to experience a place like Lou's, even if you're not a regular. It's a shiny, spotless diner with somewhat higher prices than your local greasy spoon, but it's worth the wait and the price.

Address: 30 S Main St, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03755
Phone: (603) 643-3321

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Here are some photos that I took while walking around Hanover.


  1. What, did you just have one bite? That looks delicious! The strawberries make it look interesting. Where's my extendable for when I need it.

  2. Oh no, I had more than a bite, but not much more :) The picture was taken at the beginning of the meal.


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