Friday, August 1, 2008

About the Bloggers: Rachel Blumenthal

Being all domestic and stuff
Here is Rachel in her unnatural habitat.

A Massachusetts native, Rachel recently finished a master's degree in the science journalism program at Boston University, but sometimes food is more fun to write about than science. She started blogging about food while she was attending the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and started Fork it over, Boston! upon returning to Massachusetts. Although she loves attempting to cook, it usually doesn't go over very well, so she really enjoys dining out.

Rachel could probably survive on a steady diet of pasta and chocolate-filled koalas (not at the same time, though.) Rachel is a remarkably picky food blogger, often avoiding things like sushi, Mexican food, and Mediterranean food, but she is trying hard to diversify.

Rachel also loves photography and music. You can see some of her photography at,, and

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  1. I'm psyched to have found your blog... I live in Kenmore and have an ever-expanding list of Boston restaurants to try. I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by :-D


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