Friday, August 1, 2008

About the Bloggers: Joel Edinberg

Joel has neglected to write himself a bio, so I will tell you the following facts about him:
  • He has a great Jewfro, which you can only partly see in the above photo.
  • He is a ridiculously good tenor (and bari and alto and soprano) sax player. (And flute. And drums. And didgeridoo. And probably some other things I'm forgetting.) Check out his band, Somerville Symphony Orkestar.
  • He loves eating spicy food, kickboxing, and initiating brutal tickle wars.
  • He's great in the kitchen, especially when using cast iron.
  • We've been dating since June '09, so he has accompanied me on most of my food adventures since then. Our first date was at Muqueca!
Joel's Posts:

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