Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cupcake Quest: Sweet Bites

This post is part of the Cupcake Quest series on Fork it over, Boston! It's also a guest post by Joel Edinberg, my trusty dining companion who frequently makes guest appearances in my posts. I figured it was about time to let him speak for himself! So without further ado, here’s Joel!

Hello Fork it Over, Boston! readers. This is Joel, adding my own adventure to Rachel’s Cupcake Quest. Before I start talking about my individual cupcake journey, I would like to give you a little background as to how and why I have joined this quest...cupcakes are awesome! End of story.

I could finish my post right there, and I’d feel complete, but I’m sure you’d rather waste the rest of your day reading what I have to say. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I love expensive sandwiches. Luckily, even though I work just over a half hour outside of Boston, I’ve been able to find such a restaurant in Acton, MA that serves such delicious expensive sandwiches. I bring you Sweet Bites Café/Bakery. I found this place while looking online for a bigger variety of lunch places near where I work and figured it was worth a shot. I am a huge fan of their tuna melt with avocado, though some (Rachel...cough cough) may inherently think this is the worst food idea ever. Their BLT is also really good as they use sourdough and really thick Bacon. (Yes, “Bacon” should always be capitalized. It is that important.)

I come here fairly often, but until recently, I had only tried the café part. But, since I’ve been involved with Rachel’s Cupcake Quest for awhile, and I knew that I was going to the gym later that day, I figured it was time to try one of their cupcakes. I’ve been eyeing these for a long time and was very excited to try them out. They even make the cupcakes in a mini size, which I like because it helps me avoid overeating. Well, one flavor really stuck out: a mini key lime cheesecake cupcake.

Key Lime Cheesecake Cupcakes!!! My mind was saying “F#@% Yeah!” when I saw this. (Rachel must be getting so jealous now.) This cupcake is basically a vanilla cupcake with a key lime pie filling and a cheesecake-like frosting. To top it off, it had a piece of red and green chocolate on top and a graham cracker crumbly topping on the edges of the frosting. Upon first bite, it tasted somewhere between a key lime pie and a key lime cheesecake. The cake was a bit dry, almost muffin-like in texture, but I found this to be a good complement to the pie filling. The topping was perfect. It was a light cheesecake on top, which held perfectly to the cake and added a really nice creaminess to complement the tang of the key lime filling.

On the downside though, the filling was green and not yellow. Key limes are yellow! The best key lime pies are yellow! They only make it green because people associate all limes with the color green, but with key lime desserts, it’s only green if they add food coloring. Anyone from Florida, or anyone who watches Dexter, knows this. If not, well now you know, and knowing is half the battle. These cupcakes are serious contenders for a great cupcake, but I will have to try more (maybe after doing double time in the gym) to really see if their cupcakes are worth a random trip out to Acton.

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