Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cupcake Quest: Cherry Bomb Bakery

This post is part of the Cupcake Quest series on Fork it over, Boston!

At last! Cherry Bomb Bakery, located in the heart of Brighton Center, is the first dedicated cupcake bakery (cupcakery?) on my quest! As such, I plan on returning to get a better feel for the ambiance. On this trip, though, Joy was live-parked at a bus stop out front, so it was more of a run-in-run-out operation so as not to get honked at by the next MBTA bus to arrive.

This visit was a couple weeks ago, not long after Cherry Bomb opened up, so there were still a few kinks to work out. On a return visit, I'll let you know if things are better. When I went there, they didn't have $1s and either didn't have or had run out of proper cupcake packaging: my three cupcakes were unceremoniously dumped together in a brown paper lunch bag, falling into each other and mingling frosting a bit.

Photo by Joy Uyeno. Though mostly unscathed, the cupcakes did swap a bit of frosting.
We got the Red Velvet Sexiness (red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream), Chocolate Stout (stout cake with Guinness buttercream and a chocolate-dipped pretzel), and a mini chocolate. The flavors were all great and the frosting was light and fluffy, but it had some adhesion problems. (Red Velvet's tower of buttercream toppled easily.) I was particularly fond of the Chocolate Stout because, honestly, what's better than beer, chocolate, and pretzels? (Answer: nothing.)

The Verdict: Cherry Bomb Bakery definitely has potential. I'll update this post after a return visit. I'm planning on trying Double Chocolate with Chocolate-Covered Bacon, Lemon Snap, and Smores.

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