Monday, August 23, 2010

September Excitement

The view from a recent Mt. Jefferson hike in New Hampshire
Four days left at the old job: there aren't many projects left for me to work on. Ten days until the move to the new apartment: I have three small boxes packed, about a thousand to go. A little more than two weeks until the new job: I've been wearing jeans to work for so long that I need a total wardrobe makeover for the new job.

September's going to be crazy, so I don't know how often I'll be writing. I do have a backlog of about twenty...maybe thirty...things I want to share with you, so I'll try to write up as many of them as possible now and queue them up to post throughout September. You will eventually see stories from my trip to New Hampshire (cider doughnuts, cupcakes, and bears, oh my!), reviews of my favorite restaurants that I'm leaving behind in Brighton, event recaps (Grilling Social at Tremont 647, a chocolate buffet that I am attending tomorrow, and the grand opening of the first Massachusetts Pinkberry), a whole lot of cupcake quests, and some home cooking.

Also, the folks at CSN have offered to send me a kitchen product to review, so that post will go up at some point. My new apartment has a big kitchen and a huge dining room that I'm very excited about, so now's a good time to try out a new kitchen gadget! I was thinking pasta machine or ice cream machine. Any thoughts? (I'll also have a back and front porch where I can plant stuff!)

Since my updates over the next month or so may be sporadic, you can keep track of new stuff by following me on Twitter and/or "liking" Fork it over, Boston! on Facebook, and you can subscribe to my RSS feed or email newsletter over in the right sidebar.  I'll also be contributing a couple blog posts a month to Somerville Local First and eventually Oyster.

I'll also be participating in the Project Food Blog competition over on Foodbuzz, so you can be my "friend" over there if you have a Foodbuzz account. I may beg for votes at some point, but I'll keep that to a minimum :)

Anyway, I hope not to disappear too much, but soon my priorities will involve getting unpacked in the new place and fully immersing myself in the world of stem cell research. I'm thrilled to move to Somerville and start working at a job that is solidly in my desired career path! Also, I almost forgot - one of my bands is also debuting soon! The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library will be playing with Neutral Uke Hotel at Berklee's Cafe 939 on September 11. More info here.

Well, I hope you're all enjoying your last bits of summer (that sounds depressing, doesn't it?) Do you have any excitement planned for September?


  1. Wow Rachel! And I thought I had a ton going on. Good luck with the move, new job, shopping for a new wardrobe, etc. Can't wait to see your posts!

  2. Congrats on the move and new job! That's awesome! Good luck, hopefully you're able to snag some time off in between jobs! Looking forward to reading about cider donuts. Yum.


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