Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Multi-Course Meal at Quincy Market (CBS Boston)

Most Bostonians avoid Faneuil Hall Marketplace like the plague, particularly in the warmer months. Once in awhile, though, it’s worth the hassle to play tourist in your own city. Yes, everything is overpriced, and yes, you have to be a little aggressive shoving your way through slow-moving tourist hordes. (Also aggressive? The pigeons surrounding the market. If you choose to eat outside, get ready to duck when you see a little kid start running towards a flock of birds.)

While Faneuil Hall was founded in 1742, the Quincy Market Colonnade – the long hallway where most of the food can be found – wasn’t built until 1826. It’s currently home to about 50 different food stalls and restaurants, several of which have been around since the building’s revitalization in the 1970s. In the center of the building, there’s a circular space with long, shared tables and standing-room-only counter spots.

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