Thursday, August 25, 2011

Redbones Rib Shack Grand Opening and an Earth-Shakingly Good Somerville Symphony Orkestar Gig

The Redbones Rib Shack opened in Kendall Square at 11am on 8/23/11. Joel's band played in the same courtyard from noon until 1:30pm. The earthquake hit at 1:45. Coincidence? I think not! The 50-strong line of BBQ-hungry people and the earth-shakingly good vibes from the SSO must have triggered some sort of seismic abnormality.

I'm glad to have a new lunch option near my office in Kendall. To be honest, when it comes to BBQ, I long for Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and Fette Sau; Redbones and other Boston spots have never completely fulfilled my needs, but they're still generally satisfying. (I do intend to try Blue Ribbon and Black Strap before making any wide-sweeping "Boston has bad BBQ" judgments.)

Redbones knows how to do an opening. Free ribs for everyone!

I got a pulled pork sandwich with a side of cornbread. Good sustenance for the impending earthquake, all 20 lightly vibrating seconds of it.

Coincidentally, Joel's band, the Somerville Symphony Orkestar, picked up a gig right there as part of the Kendall Square lunch concert series, so I got to eat new tasty food and be a supportive groupie.

Like what you see? Check them out on Facebook for music, info about upcoming gigs, etc.

Then, I returned to my office, and quakapocalypse struck. (My co-workers and I actually did feel it on the 9th floor of our building, and the Californian in the office said, "This is when we should leave the building." So we did. Party outside!)

Have you made it to the new Redbones Rib Shack yet? What do you think?

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