Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fette Sau (Brooklyn, NY)

Imagine pounds and pounds and pounds of meat in a Brooklyn garage - brisket and ribs and pork belly and shoulder - barbecued and waiting to be eaten. Maybe by you, if you can stand to wait in line. It's every man for himself here at Fette Sau: buy some meat by the pound, plus a few sides, and use your giant tray to push your way through to one of the few long tables inside or picnic tables lining the outdoor alley.

We were in NYC in May for Joel's band to play a few shows over the weekend, and his brother, Dan, and Dan's girlfriend, Clara, share our love of food, so they brought us to Fette Sau for an epic barbecue feast. (I lived in Rochester for five years and was dying to revisit the BBQ glory of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which has a location in Harlem, but that location isn't quite as outstanding as Syracuse and Rochester, and we were assured by multiple sources that Fette Sau is a whole new level of carnivorous perfection.) The line was too long the first evening - we had to be at the next venue too soon - so we sadly walked away. The following day, we arrived just as lunch began, and we had the place to ourselves.

Pretty snazzy for a garage! Each day, six meats are available, all smoked in-house and served with a classic potato roll, plus whichever sides you order. There are a few desserts available - not like you'll have room - plus specialty sodas and beers.

As we tore into our giant chunks of various meats, sunlight poured in through the open garage door, setting the scene for an impromptu photo shoot:

Q: What are Clara and Dan laughing at?
A: Their very first viewing of the Shake Weight commercial.

Joel will always cooperate for one - or maybe two - photos with me before things devolve into silliness...

I'm being tickled. The safety word is banana.

What can really be said about the food? If you love meat, you will love Fette Sau. Get the pork belly if it's available. Go with an empty stomach and prepare to get a little primal.

Unsurprisingly, the meat coma came on quickly:

Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11211

For more epic Brooklyn eats, check out Pies 'n' Thighs.

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