Sunday, May 9, 2010

EventBite: Cinco de Mayo Dinner at East Coast Grill

There are a handful of places that make Inman Square worth visiting, despite its inaccessibility: Muqueca, New Deal Fish Market, and East Coast Grill are a few of my favorites. I've spent two Hell Nights at East Coast Grill as well as a regular dinner or two, and I've always been impressed by the flavors. So, when Nicole from All Heart PR invited me to a Cinco de Mayo dinner to talk with Chef Chris Schlesinger and sample some of his summer dishes, I jumped at the chance.

After a margarita, a mojito, and two glasses of 10-year tawny ports, the evening became a warm fuzzy blur, but I do remember that I loved every dish, even those with ingredients I didn't think I'd like. I know, I know - the d-word should be stricken from food writing, except in extreme circumstances, but I just have to say it - pretty much everything I've ever had at East Coast Grill has been delicious.

Check out the slideshow below for a run-down of everything I tasted at the Cinco de Mayo dinner. Highlights included grilled jumbo shrimp in lime-cumin vinaigrette; grilled tuna taco with watercress and mango; grilled sweet and Idaho potato steaks with sour cream, bacon, and scallions; and banana chocolate pie, which was topped with candied bacon! I was also a huge fan of the Inner Beauty hot sauce, which has a lasting bite while still having an actual (good) flavor.
It was a blast meeting some other food writers from the area. We were a rowdy bunch, appropriate for the holiday and East Coast Grill in general, which is always loud and lively. Some interesting stories were told, but I'll keep quiet about my fellow writers' scandalous tales. All I'll say is that one person at the table who shall remain nameless allegedly had a one night stand in the 60s with a very famous rock star who shall also remain nameless.

It's not just the food that makes East Coast Grill worth the trip (and often, the long wait). The atmosphere is full of a joie de vivre that'll make you feel like you're singing "Under the Sea" with Sebastian and friends...and then eating them all. Whether you go for Hell Night or a Whole Pig Roast or just a regular dinner any old night, you're sure to find something amazing at East Coast Grill.

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