Saturday, May 22, 2010

MiniBite: Thai Hut Is 'Suspiciously Good'

One of my former grad school classmates, Roxy, is about to move to Brooklyn for an internship, so a few of us got together for a last dinner near her Inman Square soon-to-be-former apartment. Her choice was Thai Hut, which she said was "suspiciously good." Joel said it used to look (and taste) like a drug front, but in recent months or years it has either changed hands or at least undergone a major makeover. We snagged about half the tiny restaurant for the six of us, and the very friendly hostess/waitress/probably owner was accommodating as we dragged tables and chairs together. (The chairs, by the way, are beautiful, but not all that comfortable if your meal drags on for about two hours, which ours did. This is one of those places where you really need to ask for the check if you want it, or it will never come.) The ambiance was nicer than expected from the outside: lots of interesting decorations and more of a cozy feel than a cramped feel.

Thai Hut is BYOB. We BOOB from the amazing Wine and Cheese Cask down the street, and not only did our waitress immediately bring over a corkscrew before we even asked, but she also promptly delivered six frosty mugs with a smile. There's no corkage fee.

The appetizers were nice - try the samosas. I can't vouch for the crab rangoon because I don't really like cream cheese, but my friends liked them.

The food was solidly decent - a few big steps above greasy takeout. Joel got the mango curry, which was especially nice. We both requested extra spicy, and she laughed at us and asked if we were sure (we were.) It ended up being on the mild side, sadly. The flavors were good, though.

Thai Hut's probably not worth a special trip if you don't live in the area, but it definitely has something good going on. I'd go back if I find myself around there again.

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