Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost Finale Party: Smoke Monster Cookies

I resisted watching Lost for many years, but this year, I finally gave in to the peer pressure so that I could be included in the endless Lost conversations between my boyfriend and his roommates, some of my co-workers, and many of my other friends. A couple months ago, I started watching, and I wasted countless hours getting caught up in time for the finale, including an all-weekend Season 5 marathon. (My brain was pretty fried on Monday.) I was never overly enthusiastic, but it was like a Dan Brown novel: it's often pretty lame, but those cliffhangers really suck you in.

Anyway, we had a small party for the finale, so it was necessary to make some Lost-themed treats. Our friends Geoff and Julia got some ideas from Cracked.com: they brought over a fondue pot and talked about all the weird things they wanted to fondue, trying (and failing) to set up the joke "Don't tell me what I can't fondue!" They also brought "Walted milkballs," which were very special for the first hour or so, and then they were hidden for awhile, never to be discussed.

I made some smoke monster cookies. Unfortunately, they lack mind-reading, man-devouring powers, but they taste pretty good!

I used a package of ready-to-bake sugar cookies (the kind that you can find near the jello and pudding). About halfway through baking, I took them out of the oven and covered them with jimmies. (As you can see, I didn't do a very good job - most of the jimmies ended up on the baking sheet!) Then, the little monsters-in-making went back into the oven. After they were a nice golden brown, I took them out and affixed marshmallow eyes and hot tamale mouths with a dollop of black frosting. Voila! *insert scary smoke monster noise here*

Other party food included a tropical fruit salad (mango, pineapple, and watermelon) and biscuits...served next to a bag of Swedish fish.


  1. Haha, these are awesome! Love the idea, very creative!

  2. Black face! Ha ha! Racism, you old devil.

  3. Nice way to celebrate Lost Finale. I simply love those cookie faces, lol! And fondue, oh my, that's my favorite thing to do whenever there's a gathering! It's so simple yet everybody always had fun dunking bits of this and that. For me there's really no rule, except double dipping of course! lol!


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