Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cupcake Quest: Wedding Hamburger Cupcakes

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This post isn't about Boston, or even an existing store or business, but I just had to share these amazing cupcakes with you. I'm at a wedding in West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend - Joel's cousin Dave is getting married tonight. A friend of the bride baked some awesome cupcakes as gifts for the groomsmen: hamburger cupcakes! 
That is a cupcake! Really! The burger part consists of two pieces of vanilla cupcakes as the bun, a piece of chocolate cupcake as the meat, green coconut as lettuce, and red and yellow frosting for ketchup and mustard. The fries are made of vanilla cake, and there's even a little cup of red frosting for ketchup! The baker, Emily Jahn, really paid attention to the details - sesame seeds on the bun, little crystals of sugar on the fries (for salt), and a cute little picnic napkin. Emily regrettably lives in Louisiana and does not yet have a bakery...but she should. Not only is this cupcake adorable, but it also tasted great, even though most of us had already had several desserts.
"Fries" and "ketchup"
Partly eaten burgercake (apologies for these terrible cell phone pics)
Emily is really interested in making foods that look like other foods, so a few of us were brainstorming other ideas. We were wondering if it'd be possible to make a burger that looks like a cupcake (rather than a cupcake that looks like a burger). Our solution: cook ground beef in a cupcake pan and top the cups of beef with mashed potatoes. Yum! (Ok, maybe not.)
Congratulations Dave and Jill! May your future be as awesome as burger cupcakes :)


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