Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MiniBite: MiniBar

Julia, Joy, and I have all been working together since mid-February, but somehow we have never gotten around to going out for drinks after work until today - just days before Julia leaves and weeks before Joy and I are finished. Figures we'd find a good place now!

First, we stopped by the Copley farmers market - the season started today! (I'll write a post about our trip to the market next.) Then, we headed down Huntington Ave to Minibar, which is in the cozy/trendy lobby of the boutique Copley Square Hotel. On Mondays through Thursdays, 5pm to 7pm, Minibar has $2 kobe beef sliders. Yep, $2. Kobe beef. Massaged, fatty, tender beef.

We started with drinks: a mojito for me, lychee martinis for Joy and Julia. They had to run out somewhere to replenish the lychee supply, so they brought over the ungarnished martinis and came back a few minutes later with a toothpick-impaled lychee in a shot glass. It was kind of adorable.
Mojito...my favorite
Julia and her lychee martini. Do you pronounce it LEE-chee or LIE-chee? Julia and Joy both say LIE, but I thought it was LEE.
Joy and I each got a slider. And then we had to order seconds. This was my first taste of kobe beef, and it seemed much juicier and fattier than other beef. The sliders came with melted provolone and truffled aioli (which I had them hold because I hate mayonnaise more than anything). My only complaint is that the bun was kind of cheap, which is understandable and excusable because I was only paying $2, but it seems like a shame to put such a nice hunk of meat on a supermarket-style bun.
Doesn't matter that the bun was lame...the beef was great!
Julia, who maintains a mostly vegetarian diet for ecological reasons, resisted the meat but watched us hungrily. She has somewhat of a fetish for watching other people eat meat. (BBQs must be a lot of fun for her!) She ordered squash potstickers. I'm not sure how she felt about them since I was too busy stuffing my face full of burgers to ask questions, but she did finish them all, so I'm guessing they were decent!
Squash potstickers. Julia's sexy legs not included.
We also split an order of parmesan and rosemary fries: lighty, crispy, and a nice accompaniment to the burgers.
What's with the upscale fry cone? I've seen this so many places.
It was a tasty and quiet spot for some after work relaxation; I'd definitely go back. I mean, how can anyone resist $2 kobe beef burgers?
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