Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arancini (Fork it over, Austin! - Part 18)

Austin has so many food trucks. Boston's growing food truck population barely even matches the number of Austin trucks present in one parking lot. One day, maybe. In any case, I was determined to hit up as many trucks as possible while in Austin, especially once the weather cleared up. There's just something so enjoyable about paying a few bucks for a hot, delicious meal that's ready quickly and perfect for an on-the-spot picnic.

As previously mentioned, on the fifth day, we ate lunch at the SXSW Foodspotting Street Food Fest (The Peached Tortilla and Hey Cupcake! for me). And then we also ate dinner there, this time at Arancini, a truck guessed it.

For the purposes of the fest, they were offering three types of arancini, and our group split two orders: duck ragu and sun-dried tomato with mozzarella. The wait felt incredibly long once we had ordered (I think they warned us that it would be about 10 minutes), so I can only assume they're cooking each one to order.

Both flavors were excellent, from the gooey rice on the inside to the fried breading on the outside. The size was substantial as well. Worth the wait? Perhaps. They were definitely tasty, but we did get very antsy while waiting. And beware: don't lose your receipt. A couple girls in front of us lost theirs, so their order was put at the end of the queue - and it seemed to keep getting pushed back even farther. Eventually, they had to leave, sadly without their arancini.

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