Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zoe's Gourmet Chinese Cuisine (2 Dine For Boston)

It took Joel and me a while to discover Zoe’s, even though it’s walking distance from us. I saw a stray Yelp or Chowhound mention of it one day, noticed words like “authentic” and “amazing,” and realized the proximity and potential awesomeness. On our first visit, the Chinese restaurant was nearly empty; a few people picked up takeout orders, but we pretty much had the place to ourselves. This seemed like a bad sign, but on the contrary, we quickly realized that we would become regulars. I can’t believe we didn’t find this place earlier.

On a subsequent visit, several old roommates were in town who had also never realized that Zoe’s existed. We had a fantastic feast, all the while eyeing a very intriguing dish at a nearby table. It appeared to be a gigantic bowl full of chili peppers, and the two diners were scooping broth and something else out of the bowl. We had to know. The waitress told us that it was fish fillet with hot chili sauce, and we made a mental note to try it the next time. It’s on the Sichuan-style portion of the menu, which is full of spicy, authentic Chinese dishes. There is also a similarly spicy Hunan-style portion, as well as a large number of dishes more familiar to American diners.

Read my full "she said" review, along with Joel's "he said" review, at 2 Dine For Boston.

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