Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hopdoddy Burger Bar (Fork it over, Austin! - Part 22)

I wanted to love Hopdoddy Burger Bar. The concept is awesome; nearly everything there is some combination of local, made in-house, organic, compostable, etc. The way the line moves is awesome as well; you enter along the bar so you can order a drink to bring with you as you follow the line to the counter where you order your food.

I ordered a pomegranate Texas Greyhound, which was refreshing, although I wish I had gone with a milkshake. I would have been uncomfortable stuffed with a milkshake, fries, and a burger, but I bet it would have been worth it.

While you're waiting in line to order food, a hostess gives you a table number, and by the time you order, your table is waiting for you. Then, when your food is ready, it's served to you at the table.

The atmosphere and the employees were great, and the menu was interesting, but I was disappointed by my burger (Angus beef, cheddar, hickory BBQ), which ended up being bland and undercooked. One of my dining companions fared better with the Greek burger (lamb, feta, tzatziki, arugula, and more).

The buns, however, were amazing, and we were also really into the fries.

There's so much to like about Hopdoddy; it's unfortunate that I didn't like my burger. But if I lived in the area, it's the type of place I'd definitely try again.

On a somewhat unrelated note, we saw a couple awesome signs on the way home - one plain awesome one and one that makes me chuckle for a couple different reasons.

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